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starting a food tour company with food tour corporation

partner with us to join the exciting, but very challenging culinary tourism industry, and with our support become a success. Turn a difficult industry into a turnkey operation with our processes, consulting, and industry knowledge.

Please contact us at 877.406.3446 or email is at info@foodtourcorp.com to learn more about joining Food Tour Corp and developing a fully certified Food Tour company

growing a Food Tour business together

Culinary Tourism and specifically Food Tours is one of the fastest growing segments in tourism industry right now. People are only now truly discovering the enjoyment exploring the culinary culture of a region, city, or country. It its an ideal time to start a company or grow your company partnered with us. It is easy to start a Food Tour, but achieving long run profitability and sustainability is a completely different story. Like every other business, you will face a host of challenges that can be mentally and physically trying. Its not all easy money and the good life.

Starting the process

When you believe you are ready to take the next step, please contact us by phone or email and let us know why you would like to join the Food Tour community. A member of our FTG staff will then respond by email to set up a time to speak with the Founder and members of the executive staff.

acceptance into the program

This is a very high-level initiative created to better the culinary tourism industry and provide options to join Food Tour Corp. We take the applicant screening process very seriously and only the most qualified individuals are asked to join the program. If we determine you are a potential candidate, you will be working almost exclusively with the company director level team throughout the process.


To get you started, we offer an on site, multi-day training run by our core leadership at our company headquarters in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We then develop a customized project plan that will specifically fit your needs. You will be trained, certified (by the first not for profit association dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality and value and providing the best possible experience for the customer for all types of Food Tours) and taught the secrets to managing and growing a successful Food Tour Company.

When you join, you will gain benefits that go far beyond what you learn at your initial class. There is only so much you can learn in a few days. Your company will be partnered with the largest and most innovative Food Tour company in North America, and you will be able to grow Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

We are in it together

We don't just offer a class and send you off on your own. We care about your success just as much as you do, and therefore we are connected with each other, growing and learning together and changing tourism. Remember, each city and area is different, and with it comes different types of success. We know how to find that potential and turn it into a successful venture for the long term.

Different ways to join

If you have the passion, drive, and desire to become part of the Food Tour Group, then your journey starts here. There are many ways to become involved with Food Tour Group.

Long term strategy for Food Tour Development

Starting a Food Tour company can seem easy at first. Anyone can find their favorite restaurants, put their 'tour hat' on, and bring people to eat at them. That is why you see Food Tour companies starting up all the time - maybe even in your city. We want people joining us who look strategically rather than short term. Don't start a food tour company just because you are looking for some quick money or you noticed companies became quickly successful in a large city, such as New York, or San Francisco. You start a Food Tour Company with Food Tour Group if you want this to be your career and a big part of your life. We have the tools to make you a long term success!

Culinary tourism is trending up

We believe what is now a trend will turn into a movement and Food Tours will change the entire standards of tourism. Now is the ideal time to join one of the most exciting industries and take a role in its current evolution and partner to start or grow a Food Tour company. As with any emerging industry you will see other companies come in, and out. By partnering with us, you will be at a significant advantage compared to any competition, no matter how they were trained.

About Food Tour Corp

We are part of North America's largest Culinary Tour and Event Company, with over a 150 employees throughout 21 cities and growing. Our workforce is highly educated, driven, and diverse. We all come from different walks of life but all have a deep passion of the culinary culture of our area and love to show it to others.

Although we are located throughout the country, we are able to easily and quickly communicate with each other regardless of region, company, and team. We are driven by a series well established process throughout the company and follow the Kaisen philosophy of continuous improvement. We strive for innovation and encourage it company-wide.

We show constant growth each year (30-60% on average) in both revenues and profits, as we both expand and tighten our processes up, and increase the community. New partnerships and expansion channels currently drive nearly 25% of our business. We want to increase it significantly, which is great for both of us.

Do we make mistakes? Absolutely! We learn from them and use them to improve. We love what we do and always want it to be absolutely the best, so in the process mistales will be made

Why is it Food Tour Group rather than Food Tour Corp?

Food Tour Corp and Food Tour Group are closely related but separate entities. Our current joint expansion and partnership efforts will be within the Food Tour Group, as we want to make the entity ultimately larger and more prolific, with a greater flexibility than what is currently available with Food Tour Corp BUT WE ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME TEAM

Company philosophy

Our company philosophy is simple: build products and companies that make a difference, never stop innovating, and do what you love.

This program was greated to better all food tour companies throughout the industry. If your Food Tour Company is plateauing, or if you are in need of a boost, contact us. We will help you achieve your goals.